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Embroidery and Sewing Machine Projects - Partnership with Oakville Public library

Updated: Apr 28

Creative Community Hive partnered with the Oakville Public Library to host machine sewing sessions (Feb to July and September to December 2023) at the Iroquois Branch and  drop- in embroidery sessions (October to December) at the Glen Abbey branch of the Library . A colour letter embroidered banting (seen in the pic)  was a true collective effort.  Each letter was embroidered by a participant, though few of them had to be finished by another participant or by our team of facilitators . We saw quite a few mother- daughter and even mother- son duo's join our sessions, which was great . Participants as young as six year old joined our sessions, exhibiting a lot of patience and enthusiasm to try their hand at embroidery. We also observed our each-one-teach-one philosophy play out with skill sharing amongst the group. Few young volunteers from the High school next door to the Glen Abbey branch, joined some of our sessions , which was a great support to us.

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