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Since 2017, we have used creative tools such as crafting, art making, creative writing, planting, cooking and other such activities to:

  • Offer FREE drop-in activities, designed for non-directional art making and pursuit of independent projects.

  • Host thematic workshops hosted by invited guest artists/crafters (subject to funding availability).

  • Forge partnerships with other local organizations with similar interests.

  • Make practical items for donation to local hospitals, tapping into skills of participants (e.g., sewing, knitting).

  • Curate special interest resource guides and tool kits.

  • Offer fee-based customized instructional crafting sessions on request from other not-for-profit organizations in Halton Region.


Rather than expert lead workshops (though we do offer those when possible), we prefer to follow the Each One Teach One (EOTO) method at our crafting sessions.


EOTO is a kind of mini workshop where a member of our community passes on a simple skill or technique they know and enjoy, using it to teach others in the spirit of passing on that knowledge. It is also an organic process where we follow the interest and demands of the individuals who attend an adapt it to their skill level.


Hive crafting benefits

  • "Mindful Crafting" is a calming and meditative technique involving repetitive movements that relax the mind.

  • Crafting in groups allows an opportunity for participants to meet new people, helping build empathy, understanding and acceptance of people from different walks of life.

  • Creation of usable tangible goods with minimum input is a positive feeling of accomplishment at having completed a task, no matter how small.

  • Our 'Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-purpose' approach reduces waste, thereby decreasing our footprint on our community, country and planet.

  • Fun, social, and educational activities have a positive bearing on mental health of participants and therefore the community at large.


We love our Hive Sessions! They are a fun and creative way to spend time together, socialize and learn something new!

​​​A few tables are set up with craft material in baskets in the middle. We typically have a few patterns already made in advance, which, if the participants wish, they can follow. Sometimes, we bring other ideas in print form, which participants can choose from if they like. Participants are also encouraged to create their own design/pattern, and ask us, or any fellow participant, for tips and guidance if needed. The person most familiar with the craft gives instructions throughout the session, no matter when participants arrive.​

We all engage in craft-making and socializing, spreading a positive atmosphere and ensuring all feel welcome and included!

PHOTO-2021-02-02-18-20-16 8.jpg

“Crafting with the Hive group has been a fun opportunity to meet new people, try new things, and share my skills. It's a great opportunity to build community with people I might never have met."

Chris H., Oakville, Ontario

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